Please join Dr. Clint Muhlfeld from the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, Montana, for a specially scheduled seminar:

“Assessing the Impacts of Climate Warming and Invasive Species on Aquatic Ecosystems in the Northern Rocky Mountains”

Friday April 13th at 1pm in Holdsworth Room 301.

More on the seminar:

Invasive species, habitat loss, and climate change pose serious threats to aquatic ecosystems worldwide.  The Transboundary Flathead Basin in Montana (USA) and British Columbia (Canada) hosts one of the most diverse and unique aquatic ecosystems in North America.  Despite these tremendous ecological values, this riverscape is undergoing tremendous change.  Dr. Muhlfeld will discuss the ongoing threats facing native salmonids and aquatic resources in the Transbounary Flathead, his aquatics research aimed to inform conservation and management programs, and why there is hope that the ecological integrity of this shared system will be preserved for future generations.