To: ECO Faculty and Graduate Students
From: Todd Fuller, Professor
Subject: Final Doctoral Examination for Grace Wong

The Final Doctoral Oral Examination for Grace Wong, a Ph.D. Candidate in
Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation, is scheduled to be held on Friday,
8 November 2013 at 9:30a.m. in Room 312A, Holdsworth NRC. Her committee
members are Todd Fuller (Chair), Paul Sievert, and Brooke Thomas
(Anthropology). The title of her dissertation is: Conservation status of
large mammals on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Graduate courses that Grace has taken at Universidad Nacional in Costa
Rica and here at UMass are as follows:

M.S. Wildlife Management – Universidad Nacional
Rural Sociology
Public Administration of Natural Resources
Animal Behavior
Ecology of Vertebrate Populations
Wildlife Management
Habitat Evaluation
Wildlife Seminar
Wildlife Management Techniques
Thesis Seminar
Wildlife Seminar I
Wildlife Seminar II
Wildlife Management II
Environmental Education
Biological Conservation
Multi-disciplinary Research

Ph.D. Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation – University of Massachusetts
W&FCON 899 Ph.D. Dissertation
PUB HL 540 Introduction to Biostatistics
W&FCON 564 Forest Wildlife Ecol. & Mgt.
W&FCON 691R Seminar – Research Methods
BIOL 591A Primate Behavior (audit)
W&FCON 692J Seminar Experimental Design
W&FCON 697D Human Dimensions & Recreation Resource Mgt
W&FCON 791C Seminar – Communicating Science
OEB 891C OEB Graduate Seminar
W&FCON 696 Independent Study
BIOL 797 Communication in the Life Sciences

A copy of Grace’s dissertation is available for review in the Room 225