To: All ECo MS degree graduate students
From: McGarigal
Re: Comprehensive Exam

All MS degree students in the ECo Graduate Program must pass a standardized comprehensive exam prior to their last academic semester, as per the ECo Graduate Program requirements detailed in the ECo student handbook available on line. The Fall 2012 exam will be held on Tuesday November 20 from 8-11 am (location to be determined). Guidelines for the exam are available in the ECo student handbook and are described in detail in the “study guide” available on line ( Note, the student guide for the Forestry and Arboriculture Section is subject to change prior to October 23 with the addition of several forestry topics.

Any student planning on taking the exam must register for the exam before October 23 by emailing me. This is so that we know how many exams to prepare for each concentration.

Thanks for your attention to this.