The Annual Research Concepts (ECO 601) Graduate Student Research Proposal Presentations will be held Friday, Dec 6th 9-11:45am and 1-2:30pm. Please mark your calendars. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many of the new graduate students in our department and support these students in their proposal phase. The 18 students are collectively proposing a huge range in exciting, environmental research. A schedule of presentations will be emailed after Thanksgiving.

Also, two students will be giving their presentations early, on Monday, Nov 25th 10-10:30am in Rm 312A. They are:
10:00am Luke Griffin (Title: Spatial ecology of juvenile green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Culebra, Puerto Rico)
10:15am Sarah Becker (Title: Spatial and trophic ecology of great barracuda (Syphraena barracuda) in the Caribbean)

Please join us for these talks. Thanks in advance for your participation and support.