Environmental Conservation is designed as an option for students interested in developing an educational focus in the broad area of Environmental Studies for one of the many areas of the environment and conservation not directly covered by other concentrations in the NRC major., including the social and physical sciences, and may be able to compliment them with courses in the arts, humanities, business, and education. You might focus on one of the following areas within the concentration:

Biodiversity Conservation
Energy and the Environment
Environmental Education/Communication

Environmental Law Enforcement/Legal Studies
Land and Water Resources
Natural Resource and Conservation Policy
Sustainable Development
Urban Stewardship

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Domestic Exchange and Education Abroad programs, as well as seasonal intership programs, to enhance their degree.

Contact: Bethany Bradley
Office:  318 Holdsworth
Phone: (413) 545-1764

Environmental Conservation Curriculum Sheet

Additional courses required for the concentration:

ANTHRO 208 Human Ecology, POLISCI 101 American Politics, NRC 391A Curriculum Planning, Completion of 18 additional credits in conservation or environmentally-related courses designed to meet specific goals for career or advanced education.  Nine credits must be 300-level.