The Water Resources concentration engages students in coursework for developing ecologically sound and economically efficient water management policies and programs. Water is essential to life and is a critical resource that needs careful management to sustain human populations and ecosystems. Students will develop skills in understanding and applying concepts to manage water resources with applications related to ecosystem impacts, water quality, climate change, storm water, and water supply. A problem-solving approach will be used to develop a systems-based and multidisciplinary perspective. Students will gain in depth understanding and skills related water quantity and quality, hydrology, economics, and management. Water issues and approaches related to local, regional, and global scales will be explored.

Contact: Timothy Randhir
Office: 326 Holdsworth
Phone: (413) 545-3969

Water Resources Curriculum Sheet

Additional courses required for the concentration:

GEO-SCI 131 Experiencing Geology, GEO-SCI 285 Environmental Geology, NRC 528 Forest and Wetland Hydrology NRC 597P Water Resources Management and Policy NRC 597R Watershed Science and Management NRC 597W Wetlands Assessment and Field Techniques

Plus one elective from the following: EDUC 555 Introduction to Statistics and Computer Analysis I, NRC 534 Forest Measurements, NRC 577 Ecosystem Modeling and Simulation, NRC 529G Geographic Information Systems and 597G Lab, STATISTICS 501 Methods of Applied Statistics, MATH 127 Calculus I