CityLab (Building and Construction Technology)

The BCT CityLab is a two-week immersive pre-college program for high school students interested in exploring building construction, sustainability, engineering, architecture, technology and discovering related career paths. Rising 10th – 12th graders get a feel for what college like is like while earning college credits (2) that may be applied the Building Construction Technology Program (BCT) at UMass.

Students learn by doing – they explore and apply building science and sustainability principles in the real-world classroom of the Boston Metro region, while based at the Mount Ida Campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, located in Newton, MA.

The BCT CityLab course format includes a series of daily hands-on activities that may include construction site tours, use of emergent technologies (drones, infrared cameras, air quality testing, AR/VR), software (Fusion 360, Sketchup, Minecraft, AUTOCAD), fabrication tools (specialty 3D printers/lasers, hand/power tools, sewing machines, CNC equipment). Students may also conduct science lab experiments, participate in service-learning activities, and engage with real-world practitioners and sustainability experts.

When? 2 Weeks: July 23 – August 5, 2023

Where? This course is offered at the UMass Mt. Ida campus with commuter and residential options available.

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