This page lists all of the certificates that are currently available in ECo or through our faculty.

Geographic Information Science and Technology

The undergraduate certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology provides students with a background in the science, techniques, and application of geographical methods and techniques, enabling them to embark on public and private sector careers or to undertake further studies in geography and other fields. Through exposure to spatial analysis, remote sensing technologies, cartography, and other methods of interfacing with spatial data, students will gain knowledge, skills, and practices beneficial to whatever undergraduate degree they’re pursuing.

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Sustainable Building Construction

The BCT program is offering a graduate certificate in sustainable building construction to professionals seeking an opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in sustainability in building design and construction without needing to complete a full degree program. This certificate’s topics are comprised of sustainable (green) building systems and materials, energy and conservation, building technologies, and construction management. 16 credits of coursework can be completed through a combination of in-person and online courses, with in-person courses offered in Amherst, Newton (on our Mount Ida campus) or both.

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