Graduates of our programs work for private industry, consulting firms, non-governmental organizations, and local, state, and federal governments.

Examples of job titles associated with each of our majors include:

IMG_0053-100x100Building and Construction Technology

  • Construction Project Manager
  • Builder, Renovator
  • CAD/BIM Manager
  • Engineered Wood Designer
  • Green Building Consultant
  • Energy Technical Consultant
  • Home Energy Auditor
  • Research Scientist
  • Technical Sales Associate
  • Estimator
  • Market Manager
  • Production Manager

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Students use a forked stick to push a long spruce pole to the next hole under the ice. The spruce pole has rope attacted to it which is then be attached to a net. The net is pulled under the ice and retrieved later to remove the fish.Environmental Science

  • Environmental Microbiologist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Watershed Manager
  • Soil Scientist
  • Ecotoxicologist
  • Environmental Science Educator
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Lawyer

Graduate StudentsNatural Resources Conservation

  • Arborists & Urban Foresters
  • Professional Foresters and Plant Ecologists
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Technicians and Biologists
  • Park Managers and Rangers
  • Naturalists and Environmental Educators
  • Outdoor Recreation Specialists
  • Watershed Scientists
  • Water and Landuse Planners
  • Environmental Lawyers
  • Conservation Law Enforcement Officers


Job Opportunities

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