Below are images from the slideshow on our homepage that illustrate research projects and student projects from ECO.

This red fox is a female from Carter Notch, NH, that Mike Jones photographed on the White Mtn National Forest in 2004.



Forestry students consider lumber quality and quantity from white pine logs in central Massachusetts.

Stone walls and open grown trees are a testimony to New England’s historically agricultural landscape.


Another photograph by Mike Jones.


Student and state forester appreciate this tree and its surroundings on the nearby Quabbin Reservation.



A Forestry student serves on a summer hotshot crew fighting wildfire in the western US.

Recreational ice fishing is an important social and economic activity in northern Ontario and other regions.


Choosing this natural and locally harvested fuel can reduce our dependency on oil.

Current buildings consume 40% of all energy. This can be reduced by smart materials and systems choices.