Wood Shop

Wood Shop

The departmental wood shop is located in Holdsworth Hall, room 103. It is managed by:

N/A (contact the Department Head for inquiries)

Work Requests

Faculty, Staff or Graduate Students Requesting Support or Assistance by the shop manager:

Fill out a Work Request (WR). These can be filled out online.

Shop Policy

Holdsworth 103 (“The Shop”) is operated and funded by the Department of Environmental Conservation (“The Department”) and the College of Natural Sciences. Due to the wide variety of users, certain rules must be followed so that a) a safe work environment is maintained, and b) all users’ needs are met. Mr. Chrzanowski is glad to assist with teaching and research, but the Department reserves the right to deny use of The Shop to any individual who fails to comply with any of the following rules. There shall be no exceptions.

  1. All scheduling for use of The Shop will be done through Pete Chrzanowski. Email is best way to reach Mr. Chrzanowski (). Please plan ahead so that your work can be scheduled in a timely manner. No walk-ins will be permitted; no last-minute requests will be granted, except under extreme circumstances.
  2. Mr. Chrzanowski will train individuals1 to use equipment and tools related to their project. Individuals shall not be allowed to use equipment and tools that Pete Chrzanowski has not trained them to use. Individuals shall demonstrate proficiency on equipment and tools.
  3. No student or individuals are allowed to use shop equipment and tools without Mr. Chrzanowski being present.
  4. A current list of students and individuals who are allowed to use the shop under supervision will be posted. The equipment they are trained on and allowed to use will be listed.
  5. Safety is paramount in The Shop and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) shall be worn at all times. Individuals using The Shop shall operate tools in accordance with the training provided by Mr. Chrzanowksi and in a safe, professional manner.
  6. Individuals shall immediately report in writing to Mr. Chrzanowski any damage to equipment and tools.
  7. Following use, individuals shall daily return tools and equipment to their proper location.
  8. Individuals wishing to use equipment or tools outside of The Shop shall a) receive Mr. Chrzanowski’s prior written permission, and b) daily sign out equipment and tools. (Mr. Chrzanowski will provide a sign-out sheet.) For projects outside of The Shop, individuals shall wear all appropriate PPE; use equipment and tools in a safe, professional manner; and take all reasonable precautions not to damage equipment and tools. Rule #6 shall apply. Equipment and tools shall be returned daily to The Shop or, if The Shop is locked, to the Main Office (Holdsworth 225). In the event that equipment or tools are left in the Main Office, the borrower shall email Mr. Chrzanowski to confirm that the equipment or tools were returned. Both the Shop and the Main Office close at 4 PM and are inaccessible after that time. Consequently, individuals will be personally responsible for tools until returned. Please notify Mr. Chrzanowski via email if tools are not returned when due.
  9. No cell phones shall be used in The Shop when equipment is being used.

In this Policy, “individual” refers to any person who wishes to use equipment and tools in The Shop. Where rules apply specifically to students, “students” will be used instead of “individuals”.

Updated: 2/13/17