Wood Shop
Our old Holdsworth wood shop (shown here in action) has been replaced by various other solutions that you can explore below

Shop Support

In 2023 UMass opened an All-Campus Makerspace in our neighboring building, Ag. Engineering. Students, faculty, and staff can use their equipment for various shop tasks. See the Makerspace website for tool availability, and scheduling procedures.

UMass has also various other shops that may be good resources for your needs:

Facilities Service Requests

ECO faculty, staff, and graduate students can use the form on this page to request facilities work to be completed for general admin and maintenance purposes (e.g. building issues, keys, access requests, etc.). It will be submitted via email to the various recipients (see dropdown) and the Associate Department Head.

IMPORTANT: If you’re having an emergency (lock-out, trapped in an elevator, water leak, etc.), please call the FCS Solutions Center at 545-6401. Do not use this form!

For major emergencies involving fire, fire potential, loss of life, bodily injury, life-threatening or criminal activity, chemicals or other environmental hazards, call 911 if using a campus phone. If using a cell or off-campus phone, direct dial 413-545-3111.

You can also at any point submit a non-emergency work request (e.g. for custodial or moving services) directly to Facilities & Campus Services here.