Adams Brook Forest is approximately 50 acres and is located off of North East St. in Amherst. Formerly known as the Rifle Range Tract, reponsibility for management was transeferred to our department in the 1950s when it was primarily used by the faculty and students in the Wildlife program. It has since also been used for forest ecology and salmon restoration research. The forest is dominated by oaks and white pines and includes a section of Adams Brook, a tributary to the Fort River.

Directions to Adams Brook Forest

From Amherst Center, go east on Main St. to Northeast St. Turn left on Northeast St. and go past Stong St. on your left. At the bottom of the hill you will see a strip of trees extending east (to the right) away from the road and a gated road is located on the north edge of the strip of trees. Access to the main block of the forest is along this road which is shared with the adjacent private landowner. Please respect this private landowner’s property rights.