To complement the university computer classrooms, Environmental Conservation has its own undergraduate and graduate computer labs. These are available to ECo classes and students.

Use the links at the very top of each page on this site to access other IT resources on campus (people finder, email,…).

Undergraduate Computer Lab (Room 302)

  • Access for: ECO classes and students
  • Workstations: 25
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Laptop access: Yes
  • Printer: No
  • Room Schedule

Graduate Computer Lab (Room 332)

  • Access for: ECO graduate students
  • Workstations: 12
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Laptop access: Yes
  • Printer: Yes (letter size)

BCT Computer Labs (Olver Design Building)

  • BCT shares computer facilities in the Design Building (room 260 and 235). More information…

Wireless Internet

Wi-Fi (eduroam) is enabled across campus. Please visit the Wireless Network Access page and follow the instructions for connecting to the campus network.

UMass Learning Resources


If you need to get academic versions of the software that is installed in our lab, use these links:

IT Committee

The IT committee in Environmental Conservation oversees computer labs and other IT-related issues.

Chair: Alexander Schreyer

Members: Forrest Bowlick, TBD