From the Faculty Senate website:

1. There are occasions when departments find it necessary to change the number assigned to a course, such as when a revision of the major makes it logical to group a number of courses in a certain series; or to ensure that the numeric order of the courses reflects the order in which students are expected to complete them; or when incremental changes in methodology and content make the level for which it was originally proposed inappropriate; or when several departments undertake a coordinated effort to use a common set of numbers for related courses. There are also circumstances which make desirable a modification in the name of a course, such as when the terminology of a discipline changes, or when the evolution of the course over time makes the original title inappropriate and any credit changes for up to one credit. Occasionally, changes in the number and title are simultaneously required.

In regard to the splitting of courses the Secretary of the Faculty Senate, in conjunction with the Rules Committee, will decide whether the split constitutes a minor or a major course change.

2. Minor changes may be approved without review by any curriculum committee or council. Requests for approval to change the title or number of a course or to designate a course as pass/fail require the approval of the department head, the dean of the school or college, the Dean of the Graduate School (for courses numbered 500-999), the Secretary of the Faculty Senate, and the Provost or designee. There is no official form associated with such requests, but all such requests should be incorporated into or accompanied by a memorandum explaining why the change is appropriate. If any of the signatories whose approval is required believes that the change requested represents a departure from the original course so significant as to warrant review by a curriculum committee and/or council, he or she may stipulate that the course be reviewed by one or more of the curriculum committees or councils that would be involved in the full review process; or the signatory may disapprove the change requested and require that a full course proposal be submitted.

The purpose of the minor course change procedure is to allow flexibility in and development of the curriculum as disciplines and methodologies evolve, but not to circumvent the approval procedures for new courses.