Note that an experimental course may be taught only three times. It will then need to be converted to a permanent course.

To submit an experimental course for approval, do the following:

  1. Download Form D
  2. Fill in the first two lines of the form:
    1. Department, course number and title. Note: pick a course number that is not already in use (example: NRC 390S)
    2. Proposer’s Name, Telephone and Email
  3. On an attached sheet, give the names, campus addresses and telephone numbers of the persons who will teach this course.  If the proposed instructors are not faculty members or teaching assistants assigned to the department offering this course, please provide a justification and résumé for each.  If the proposed course is numbered 500 or higher, please specify whether each instructor is a member of the graduate faculty.
  4. On another attached sheet, provide:
    1. a brief course description appropriate for publication in the University Catalog (please include prerequisites [if none, so indicated] and the number of credits)
    2. a brief justification for offering this experimental course
    3. a one-page syllabus, and
    4. a week-by-week outline
  5. Print Form D and the supplemental materials and submit packet to Department Curriculum Chair: Deb Picking