The intention of this wizard is to facilitate the conversion of Special Topics – X97 courses to regular university courses.  There are three options:

  1. Rename or renumber the course to an already regular, but unused, course. This is the simplest procedure but may not always suit your needs. Check with your program director if you are unsure of which course numbers are on the books but unused.
    Minor Changes in Courses Procedure
  2. Convert the course to a permanent course. This is a more involved procedure but results in a course that is numbered and named to your liking.
    Permanent Course Approval Procedure
  3. Convert the course to a experimental course. This is an option only if the course is brand new or has been taught as a special topics course less than twice. Note that an experimental course will have to be converted to a permanent course after teaching it a maximum of three times.
    Experimental Course Approval Procedure


Please direct all inquiries to Curriculum Committee Chair, Deb Picking