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Ma, Zhao

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Holdsworth 302A

Primary Research Interests

My research interests lie in the social contexts that influence management and conservation of natural resources, particularly forest resources. My current research focuses on two specific areas. First are the human dimensions of forest resource management. Specifically, I study family forest owners’ characteristics, attitudes, needs, and concerns to better understand their current and future behavior, and to inform effective education and outreach strategies for sustainable forest management. My second area of research focuses on institutional frameworks for sustainable planning and resource management. I am interested in the dynamics of program and policy implementation, and the evaluation of program and policy effectiveness. My objective is to conduct interdisciplinary research that can inform program design and policy-making to ultimately promote sustainable use of natural resources.

Current Projects

• Social availability of timber and harvesting propensity among family forest owners
• Forest ownership dynamics over time
• The potential for carbon sequestration on family forestland
• Landowner decision making cycles
• Recreation access on family forestland

Peer-reviewed Publications

• Godoy, R., V. Reyes-Garcia, T. Huanca, W.R. Leonard, R.G. Olvera, J. Bauchet, Z. Ma, J. St. John, M. Miodosky, O.Z. Rios, V. Vadez, and C. Seyfreid. 2007. The role of community and individuals in the formation of social capital. Human Ecology 35(6): 709-721.

Manuscripts in Preparation

• Ma, Z., D.R. Becker, and M.A. Kilgore. Characterizing the landscape of state environmental review policies: a national assessment. Intended journal: Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.
• Ma, Z., D.R. Becker, and M.A. Kilgore. Assessing cumulative impacts within state environmental review frameworks. Intended journal: Environmental Impact Assessment Review.
• Ma, Z., D.R. Becker, and M.A. Kilgore. Integrating cumulative impact assessment into state environmental review programs: barriers and potentials. Intended journal: Environmental Impact Assessment Review.
• Leahy, J., Z. Ma, and M.A. Kilgore. Small woodland owner attitudes toward forest certification: is information the solution? Intended journal: Journal of Forestry.
• Leahy, J., Z. Ma, M.A. Kilgore. Alternative small woodland owner segmentation approaches for forestry education. Intended journal: Small-Scale Forestry.
• Leahy, J., A. Ednie, Z. Ma, M.A. Kilgore. Exploring data saturation in focus group-based forestry education needs assessment. Intended journal: Journal of Applied Environmental Education and Communication.

Updated: May 5, 2008