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Professional Staff

Name Specialization Tel. & Location E-Mail
Kyle Andrejczyk Family Forest Research (413)545-3589  kandrejc
Sarah Butler Family Forest Research (413)545-6641 sbutler
Emily Chandler Large Pelagics Research Center, Program Manager (978)283-0368
LPRC – Gloucester
Bradley W. Compton Biodiversity Project/Blanding Turtle Project 413-577-2179
116 Holdsworth
Jason Coombs Conservation Ecology 201 Holdsworth jcoombs
Benjamin Galuardi Large Pelagics Research Center,Fisheries Oceanography / GIS Gloucester
Joanna Grand

Conservation Assessment and Prioritization System, Designing Sustainable Landscapes Ag. Eng. Annex jgrand
Jake Hewes Family Forest Research Center Coordinator (413) 545-3966
301A Holdsworth

Michael Jones
Freshwater turtle conservation (978) 604-1330 / Ag. Eng. Annex mtjones

Chi (Tim) Lam
Large Pelagics Research Center, Marine Fisheries Ecology Gloucester

Susannah Lerman
Urban Wildlife Ecology (413)545-5447
201 Holdsworth
Maili Page mspage
Ethan Plunkett eplunkett
Kasey M. Rolih Biodiversity project 413-577-2179
116 Holdsworth
Scott Schlossberg srs
Robert F. Smith Urban Stream Ecology 323 Draper Hall
James Webb Sustainable Aquaculture Ag. Engineering Annex jwebb9
Angelia Vanderlaan Large Pelagics Reserch Center – Marine Conservation Biology (978)283-0368
Liz Willey lwilley


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Updated: April 29, 2014