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Professional Staff

Name Specialization Tel. & Location E-Mail
Sarah Butler Family Forest Research (413)545-6641 sbutler
Bradley W. Compton Biodiversity Project/Blanding Turtle Project 413-577-2179
116 Holdsworth
Jason Coombs Conservation Ecology 201 Holdsworth jcoombs
Joanna Grand

Conservation Assessment and Prioritization System, Designing Sustainable Landscapes Ag. Eng. Annex jgrand
Jake Hewes Family Forest Research Center Coordinator (413) 545-3966
305 Ag. Engineering

Michael Jones
Freshwater turtle conservation (978) 604-1330 / Ag. Eng. Annex mtjones

Chi (Tim) Lam
Large Pelagics Research Center, Marine Fisheries Ecology Gloucester

Susannah Lerman
Urban Wildlife Ecology (413)545-5447
201 Holdsworth
Darci Connor Maresca Graduate Student Advising (413)545-1680
Melissa Ocana

Research and Extension Project Manager

(413) 545-6167
110 Ag. Eng. Annex A
Maili Page mspage
Ethan Plunkett eplunkett
Kasey M. Rolih Biodiversity project 413-577-2179
116 Holdsworth
Robert F. Smith Urban Stream Ecology 323 Draper Hall
Angelia Vanderlaan Large Pelagics Reserch Center – Marine Conservation Biology (978)283-0368
Liz Willey lwilley


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Page updated: April 10, 2015