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Peters, James S.

Ph.D. (Forest Resources with a concentration
in Building Materials and Wood Technology )


Materiality and Location: A Geographic Study of Log Home Manufacturing


email: ; telephone: 860-967-4328


Teaching Associate


UMASS Dissertation Support grant

Faculty Advisor:

David Damery and Peggi Clouston

Project abstract:

     The environmental benefits of “massive wood” building methods are driving new interest in log-built housing and its traditions. For example, research from Finland’s National Modern Wooden Town project and other sources suggests that our log-building heritage provides a basis for sustainable housing and town planning in the form of wooden urban villages.

     Cultural geographers have established the fact that log conversion attributes can be used to identify the log building cultures responsible for 16th, 17th, and 18th Century North American log construction. This project investigates whether log conversion attributes can identify contemporary building cultures.  Do log conversion attributes correspond to differences in log home manufacturers’: a) requirements for materials performance, b) perspectives on environmental issues, or c) regional and cultural influences?


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Updated: March 6, 2013