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Fletcher, Lena

Degree in Progress:
PhD  in Forest Resources

Paul Barten

Headwater stream hydrology under land and climate changes


Holdsworth 208

Research and teaching assistant


Headwater stream subcatchments comprise a significant portion of all watersheds. These are critical ecosystems that significantly influence downstream water quality, yet are particularly at risk to the impacts of climate and land changes. At the Harvard Forest in central Massachusetts there are two proximate, yet characteristically different, headwater catchments that have been instrumented for flow and temperature since 2008. These recent data, coupled with hydrometeorological data from Harvard Forests LTER stations (eg. the snow pillow and eddy flux towers), as well as local USGS and NOAA stations, provide a unique opportunity to quantitatively model the water balance under current conditions and then to forecast future climate and land changes under various future scenarios.

Updated: March 13, 2013