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Fiocchi, L. Carl

Degree held:

BA- Neurophysiology, University of Pennsylvania
M.Arch, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


A Period Examination through Contemporary Energy Analysis of Kevin Roche’s Fine Arts Center at University of Massachusetts–Amherst


fiocchi “at” 

Degree in Progress:

Ph.D. Candidate Building Systems


Energy and Buildings (BCT597E) Spring 2013-2015                                       Teaching Fellow
Green Building and Historic Preservation (ArchDes 697K) Fall 2012-2015    Instructor
Green Building and Historic Preservation (ArchDes 597K) Fall 2011              Teaching Fellow
Energy and Buildings (BCT597G) Fall 2010, 2011-2015                                   Teaching Fellow
Building Environmental Systems (ECO 697) Spring 2011-2013                       Teaching Fellow
Building Energy Modeling (ECO791) Fall 2010-2011                                      Teaching Fellow



Fiocchi, L. Carl, Hoque, Simi T., Weil, Benjamin S.; Matching Building Energy Simulation Result against Measured Data with Weather File Compensation Factors. ASHRAE Annual Conference/Seattle (July 2014)

Fiocchi, L. Carl, McCusker, Katherine, Weil, Benjamin S.; Holdsworth Retrofit and Renovation.  Report for University of Massachusetts-Amherst Facilities and Planning, Green Building Committee, and Campus Sustainability Initiative (October 2012)

Fiocchi, C., Shahadat, M., and Hoque, S.; Climate Responsive Design and the Milam Residence.  Sustainability, Volume 3, Issue 11 (November 2011).

Fiocchi, L.Carl, Hoque, Simi T.; Sustaining Modernity: An Analysis of a Modern Masterpiece, The Gropius House, accepted for the 13th Annual Conference on Building Science and Technology (Winnipeg, Canada, May 2011).

Fiocchi, Louis Carl; A Sustainable Design for the American Commercial Strip Mall [Thesis] University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2010.


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