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Berkland, Stephanie

stephanie BerklandDegrees Held:

BS, University of Minnesota, 2006- Recreation Resource Management

Degree in Progress:

MS Building Systems, 2012 (expected)



Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Simi Hoque, Department of Environmental Conservation


Healey Endowment Grant
McIntire-Stennis Fund
University of Massachusetts, Department of Environmental Conservation 

Project Abstract: 

The intent of this research was to compare the energy performance of a code-built residential building within the moist climate zone classification in Canada, Europe, and the Northeastern United States. The primary objectives were to reveal how specific differences in code requirements in similar climates influence a building’s energy profile, offer a means to quantify and evaluate the extent of energy savings as a result of each requirement, and provide a comparison of each location’s building culture and how this affects the standards in place. 

Using the building energy simulation tool, DesignBuilder EnergyPlus Simulation, we created a model of a single-family home and input energy code requirements for each location. We also calculated energy costs for each location to determine predicted savings from code requirement. Finally, an evaluation of each location’s building culture was examined through such factors as the training of building professionals, commonly used materials and products, energy reduction goals, cultural attitudes, and incentives available.         

The results of this study point to the need for more advanced building practices, stricter code mandates, and higher performing products based on energy savings achieved from buildings built to different standards in equivalent climate zones. This has the potential to drive the development and use of better performing building materials and assemblies in the future.

Page updated: November 22, 2011