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Aniskoff, Lara

Ph.D Student – Watershed Science and Management


Seasonal streamflow forecasting in the Niger River Basin




Research Assistant


Faculty Advisory:

Paul Barten


Simulating Downstream Effects of Combined Sewer Systems: Assessing the Hartford, CT Network and the Impact on Long Island Sound.  North American Lake Management Society Conference.  Hartford, CT, October 2009. Poster

Aniskoff, L., D. Ennanaay and K. Brooks.  2005.  Modeling Hydrologic Response of Converting Annual Crops to Agroforestry Practices in Minnesota: An Assessment of Key Parameters.  North American Agroforestry Conference, June 2005.

An Evaluation of Hydrologic Parameters Used to Simulate Alternative Land Cover in the Minnesota River Basin. North American Agroforestry Conference.  Rochester, MN, June 2005.  Poster

Jonathan H. Titus, Lara Aniskoff, Jennifer Griffith, Laura Garrett and Batsheva Glatt.  2003.   Depth Distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizae Associated with Mesquite.  Madroño, 50(1).

Vertical Distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizae in an Appacherian Savannah.  Ecological Society of America Conference.  Tucson, AZ, August 2002.  Poster

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