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Whiteley, Andrew

Assistant Professor

107 Holdsworth Hall
Lab Web Page:

Primary interests

Dr. Whiteley conducts both applied conservation genetics research and research that tests and develops basic evolutionary theory. His research program conducts conservation genetics studies of a variety of taxa.  His overarching research goal is to link genetic factors with other aspects of an organism’s biology, life-history, and demography to help predict population persistence. More specifically, his research aims to understand: 1) spatial patterns of an organism’s genetic diversity, 2) effective population size as a predictor of persistence probability, 3) whether translocation is an effective practice to enhance persistence probabilities (“genetic rescue”), and 4) adaptive dynamics and mechanisms. His research also works to develop and test general tools that will help advance the field of conservation genetics.

Current Projects

1) Linking ecology and contemporary evolution in fragmented brook trout populations.
2) Genomic basis of adaptive evolution.
3) Effects of landscape structure on genetic variation and evolutionary trajectories.
4) Genetic sibship approaches to estimate fish movement at ecologically relevant temporal and spatial scales.
5) Genetic monitoring based on effective number of breeders (Nb).
6) Development of eDNA techniques to monitor fishes in headwater streams.
7) Mixed-stock analysis of striped bass caught off the coast of Massachusetts

Selected Recent Publications

Whiteley, A. R., M. Schwartz and K. McGarigal (in press) Pronounced differences in genetic structure despite overall ecological similarity for two Ambystoma salamanders in the same landscape. Conservation Genetics.

Kanno, Y., B. H. Letcher, J. A. Coombs, K. H. Nislow, and A. R. Whiteley (2014) Linking movement and reproductive history of brook trout to assess habitat connectivity in a heterogeneous stream network. Freshwater Biology 59:142-154.

Shimomura, K., V. Kumar, N. Koike, T.- K. Kim, J. Chong, E. D. Buhr, A. R. Whiteley, S. S. Low, C. Omura, D. Fenner, J. R. Owens, M. Richards, S.- H. Yoo, H.- K. Hong, M. H. Vitaterna, J. Bass, M. T. Pletcher, T. Wiltshire, J. B. Hogenesch, H. Kadotani, A. Hida, K. Mishima, P. L. Lowrey, and J. S. Takahashi (2013) Usf1, a suppressor of the circadian clock mutant, reveals the nature of the DNA-binding of the CLOCK:BMAL1 complex. eLife 2013:2:e00426

Whiteley A. R., J. A. Coombs, M. Hudy, Z. Robinson, A. R. Colton, K. H. Nislow, and B. H. Letcher (2013) Fragmentation and patch size shape genetic structure of brook trout populations. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 70:678-688.

Wilcox, T. M., K. S. McKelvey, M. K. Young, S. F. Jane, W. H. Lowe, A. R. Whiteley, and M. K. Schwartz (2013) Robust detection of rare species using environmental DNA. PLoS ONE 8:e59520.

Bergstrom, C. A., A. R. Whiteley, and D. A. Tallmon (2012) The heritable basis and cost of color plasticity in coastrange sculpins. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25:2526-2536.

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Zeller, K. A., K. McGarigal, and A. R. Whiteley (2012) Estimating landscape resistance to movement: a review. Landscape Ecology 27:777-797.

Whiteley A. R., J. A. Coombs, M. Hudy, Z. Robinson, K. H. Nislow, and B. H. Letcher (2012) Sampling strategies for estimating brook trout effective population size. Conservation Genetics 13:625-637.

Whiteley, A. R., A. Bhat, E. P. Martins, R. Mayden, K. W. Conway, M. Arunachalam, S. Uusi-Hikkila, and L. Bernatchez (2011). Population genomics of wild and laboratory zebrafish (Danio rerio). Molecular Ecology 20:4259-4276.

B. P. Kelly, A. R. Whiteley, and D. A. Tallmon (2010) The Arctic melting pot. Nature 468:891.

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A. R. Whiteley, K. Hastings, J. K. Wenburg, C. A. Frissell, J. C. Martin, and F. W. Allendorf (2010) Genetic variation and effective population size in isolated populations of coastal cutthroat trout.  Conservation Genetics 11:1929-1943.

Bernatchez L., S. Renaut, A. R. Whiteley, D. Campbell, N. Derôme, J. Jeukens, L. Landry, G. Lu, A. W. Nolte, K. Østbye, S. M. Rogers, J. St-Cyr (2010). On the origin of species: insights from the ecological genomics of whitefish. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London365:1783-1800.

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N. Derome, B. Bougas, S. M. Rogers, A. R. Whiteley, A. Labbe, J. Laroche, and L. Bernatchez (2008) Pervasive sex-linked effects on transcription regulation as revealed by expression quantitative trait loci mapping in lake whitefish species pairs (Coregonus sp., Salmonidae). Genetics 179: 1903-191.

Whiteley, A. R. (2007) Morphological, dietary, and genetic analysis of a potential trophic polymorphism in a riverine fish species. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 92: 253-267. Whiteley, A. R., P. Spruell, and F. W. Allendorf (2006) Can common species provide valuable information for conservation? Molecular Ecology 15: 2767-2786.

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