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Schweik, Charles M.

Charles M. SchweikAssociate Professor, Environmental Conservation and Center for Public Policy and Administration
Associate Director, National Center for Digital Government

324 Holdsworth Hall

Links: Selectedworks (where you can find some of my published work); CV (pdf)

Primary Interests

My research focus is on public sector information technology, environmental management and policy, and the intersection of these domains.

More specifically, I am a social scientist working to understand Internet-based collective action and online commons-based peer production. Over the last decade, my research has focused largely on the study of open-source software communities, and the socio-technical systems and governance structures that support these systems of co-production. My book,final_book_cover Internet Success: A Study of Open Source Software Commons (MIT Press, 2012) analyzed more than 170,000 such projects, in an effort to explain what leads some to ongoing collaborative success and many others to early abandonment. With this grounding in open source collaboration complete, my current list of projects (below) are expanding into other online peer-production settings that, in some way mimic or borrow collaborative principles from open source software.

Current Projects

Courses regularly taught

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (NRC 592G/PPA 697; Fall semesters)
  • Information Technology in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors (PPA 631/ECO697I; Spring semesters)
  • NEW COURSE! Workshop in the Study of Knowledge Commons (Honors 391a; Fall 2014)
  • NEW COURSE! NRC497M_597MS_makerspace_class (NRC497M / PPA497MS; Fall 2014)

Updated: November 18, 2014