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Juanes, Francis

University of Victoria

Email: juanes

Primary interests

Dr. Juanes’ area of research is ecology, evolution and behavior of fishes and benthic crustaceans. Particular interests include: the mechanisms leading to recruitment variability of marine fishes; the evolution of life history strategies, particularly with reference to the onset of piscivory in fishes; behavioral ecology of piscivorous fishes and decapod crustaceans, foraging theory specifically as it applies to prey size selection, and the allometry of animal spatial distributions.

Current Projects

  • Soniferous fishes of the Hudson River
  • Using passive acoustics to Determine Spawning Time and Fecundity of Haddock
  • Bluefish ecology and life history
  • Predator-prey dynamics of Georges Bank fishes
  • Reproductive ecology of cod and haddock
  • Dispersal of salmon fry
  • Conservation genetics of salmonids

Current Student Projects

Passive acoustic studies of Hudson river fishes. Katie Anderson, MS, WFCON

Predation on tautog and winter flounder in New Haven Harbor . Paul Clark, MS, WFCON

Growth and condition of juvenile bluefish in winter. John Murt, MS, WFCON

Using underwater video to measure scallop predation. Mike Marino, MS, IGS

Brook trout metapopulation biology. Gonzalo Mendez , MS , OEB

Spatial dynamics in the Hudson River . Megan O’Connor, PhD, WFCON

Squid predator-prey dynamics. Michelle Staudinger, PhD, IGS 

Courses Taught

  • W&FCONSV 470 Ecology Of Fish
  • WFCONSV 571 Fisheries Science and Management
  • WFCON 757 Marine Conservation
  • WFCON 697 Trophic Dynamics
  • BIO 497H Tropical Field Biology

    Selected Recent Publications


    Condron, A., R. DeConto, R. S Bradley, and F. Juanes. 2005. Multidecadal North Atlantic climate variability and its effect on North American salmon abundance . Geophysical Research Letters 32,L23703, doi:10.1029/2005GL024239 .

    Valiente, A.G., F. Juanes, and E. Garcia-Vazquez. 2005. Reproductive strategies explain genetic diversity in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar . Environmental Biology of Fishes 74: 323-334.

    Jordan , R.C., K.A. Kellogg, F. Juanes, E.R. Loew, and J.R. Stauffer, Jr. 2004. Ultraviolet reflectivity and mate choice in a group of Lake Malawi mbuna (Cichlidae). Journal of Fish Biology 65: 876-882.

    Jordan , R.C., D. Howe, K. Kellogg, F. Juanes, J.R. Stauffer, Jr., and E.R. Loew. 2004. The role of ultraviolet light in foraging in a group of Lake Malawi mbuna (Cichlidae). African Journal of Ecology 42: 228-231.


Updated: August 29, 2011