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Hoque, Simi T.

Assistant Professor, Building Systems

Curriculum Vitae
Personal webpage

120 Holdsworth
simih ‘at’

Research interests

Dr. Hoque teaches environmental systems and sustainable design principles. Her research area is energy efficiency in the built environment. She specializes in building energy modeling and optimization. 

  • BUILDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND ANALYSIS: Energy modeling and quantitative evaluation of residential and light commercial buildings
  • USER IMPACTS AND INFLUENCES: Sociological and qualitative analysis of occupant comfort and behavior for energy conservation strategies.
  • URBAN ANALYSIS TOOLS: Assessment of urban sustainability policies through the development of performance analysis modeling software.

Courses Taught

  • Energy and Buildings (BCT 520, 3 credits) – Fall
  • Environmental Control Systems with Lab (BCT 521, 4 credits) – Spring
  • Sustainable Indoor Environmental Systems (BCT 311, 2 credits) – Spring

Service and Outreach

Project Eureka! is a 5 year commitment by the College of Natural Science with Girls, Inc. of Holyoke. We are hosting 30-90 middle and high school girls each summer at the UMass-Amherst campus to learn from faculty about STEM subjects. I worked with the College administration as well as Girls, Inc. to coordinate the faculty and graduate students who volunteered their time to teach workshops. I also taught a workshop in collaboration with my colleague Ben Weil about building energy conservation. This LINK is a video about summer 2013.

Recent Publications

Hoque, S. and Weil, B. (2014) Cold Comfort: the Cost of Thermal Satisfaction in Academia. Proceedings for the NCEUB Conference, Windsor UK.

Beauregard, S., Hoque, S., Fisette, P. and Weil, B. (2014) Is Boston Building Better? An Analysis of the LEED Certifiable Standard in the Boston Zoning Code. Journal of Green Building [in press].

Fiocchi, C., Weil, B. and Hoque, S. (2014) Improving Accuracy of Building Energy Modeling Simulation Programs with Weather Files Compensation Factors. ASHRAE Technical Papers, ASHRAE annual conference, Seattle, WA.

Mostafavi, N. Farzinmoghadam, M., and Hoque, S. (2013) Envelope Retrofit Analysis using eQuest, IESVE Revit Plug-in and Green Building Studio: a University Dormitory Case Study. International Journal of Sustainable Energy. 1-20.

Mostafavi, N., Farzinmoghadam, M., Hoque, S., and Weil, B. (2013) Integrated Urban Metabolism Analysis Tool (IUMAT). Urban Policy and Research. 1-17.

Hoque, S. (2013) Low Energy Design: An evaluation of a vacation home in Panama. In Proceedings of the BESS-SB13 Conference. Pomona, CA: Building Enclosure Sustainability Symposium.

Hoque, S. and Griffith, K. (2013) Evolving Computational Design in the Architecture Studio: An examination of scripted creativity. In Proceedings of the 2013 BTES Conference: Tectonics of Teaching by A. Zarzycki and R. Dermody (eds.) Bristol, RI.  pp. 97-106.

Krem, M., Hoque, S., Arwade, S., and Brena, S. (2013) Structural Configuration and Building Energy Performance. Journal of Architectural Engineering. 19(1), 29-40.

Krem, M., Hoque, S., and Arwade, S. (2012). Effect of built form configuration on energy and structural performance of skyscraper buildings. In Proceedings of the Building Enclosure Science and Technology Conference. Atlanta, GA: National Institute of Building Sciences.

Damery, D., Webb, J., Danylchuk, A., and Hoque, S. (2012). In Design and Nature VI by S. Hernandez and C.A. Brebbia (eds.) Southampton, UK: WIT Press. pp. 87‐93.

Berkland, S. and Hoque, S. (2012). In Proceedings of the ACEEE 2012 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Washington, D.C.: American Council for an Energy‐Efficient Economy.

Hoque, S. (2012). Building Energy Simulation Tools for Retrofitting Residential Structures. Journal of Energy Engineering.

Hoque S., Webb, J., and Danylchuk, A. (2012). Building Integrated Aquaculture: can holistic designs increase system efficiencies and make recirculating aquaculture more successful in the northeastern United States? ASHRAE Journal.




Updated: September 2, 2014