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Harper, Richard W.

0126_Urban_Trees_Talk_6.jpgExtension Assistant Professor 

Office: 320 Holdsworth Hall
Tel: +1 (413) 545-3747

E-mail: rharper

Primary interests

As an extension faculty member, my position involves initiating and expanding integrated extension and research activities in support of the management of community forests and urban landscapes.

Current Research and Extension Projects

  • Performance of newly-established trees in the urban environment
  • Human responses, ideas and concepts to insects
  • Use of pest-resistant plants to encourage low maintenance community/landscape greening

Courses Taught

  • NRC 390G Plant Health Care Diagnostics
  • NRC 492A Verbal Communication

Selected Recent Publications (Outreach)

Harper, R.W. 2013. UMass urban forestry program: coming soon to a community near you. Citizen Forester. Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. 7(12):1-2.

Harper, R.W.  2013.  Urban forestry on the frontier. City Trees. Society of Municipal Arborists.  49(5):10-14.

Harper, R.W. 2013. The Amherst urban forestry program: a model for Massachusetts communities. Citizen Forester. Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. 7(10):1-2.

Harper, R.W. 2013. Tree selection for a community planting. Hort Notes. University of Massachusetts Extension. 24(10) pp.2.

Harper, R.W. and M.E. Freilicher. 2013.  Community partnerships and urban trees celebrated at Tree City USA Awards. Citizen Forester. Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. 7(7):1-2.

Harper, R.W. 2013. The successful planting initiative: conducting a site assessment. Hort Notes. University of Massachusetts Extension. 24(4) pp.2.

Harper, R.W. 2013. Mass. Tree Warden’s and Forester’s Association celebrates 100 years. Citizen Forester. Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. 7(2):1.

Ryan, H.D.P. and R.W. Harper.  2012.  Home tree inspections.  Landscape Message.  University of Massachusetts Extension. (#23, electronic)

Harper, R.W.  2012.  The state of our urban forests.  Hort Notes.  University of Massachusetts Extension.  23(10) pp1.

Harper, R.W.  2012.  Drought, stress and what it means for trees.  Citizen Forester.  Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation.  23(9):1-2.

Selected Recent Publications (Refereed Journal)

Lemelin, R.H., Dampier, J.E., Harper, R.W., Balika, D. and Bowles, R. (2015).  Perceptions of Insects: A Visual Analysis. Society and Animals (in-press).

Harper, R.W. 2015.  Review of the abcs field guide to young and small tree pruning by A.G. Pleninger and C.J. Luley.  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 41(1):49-50.

Dampier, J.E.E., R.W. Harper, L. Schwartzberg and R.H. Lemelin.  2015.  A comparison of arborists’ and horticulturists’ preferences of  Tsuga chinensis to T. canadensis in the urban landscape.  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 41(1):41-48.

J. Casey Clapp, H. Dennis P. Ryan III, Richard W. Harper & David V. Bloniarz. (2014). Rationale for the increased use of conifers as functional green infrastructure: A literature review and synthesis. Arboricultural Journal: The International Journal of Urban Forestry 36:3, 161-178.

Harper, R.W. 2014.  Review of wasp and bee management: a common-sense approach, by J.L. Gangloff-Kaufmann.  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 40(1):46-47.

Harper, R.W. and R.S. Cowles.  2013.  Susceptibility of Chinese hemlock (Tsuga chinensis) to injury from autumn horticultural oil applications.  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 39(1):6-10.

Weston, P.A. and R.W. Harper.  2009.  Potential of Tsuga spp. from North America and Asia as replacements for eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis).  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 35(1):5-9.



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