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Haro, Alexander

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ecologist and Section Leader, Fish Passage Engineering
S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center

Phone: 413-863-3806

Primary interests

Dr. Haro’s interests include behavior and biology of diadromous fishes, fish passage biology and engineering, and animal migration. Current research involves biotic and abiotic influences on fish migration, design and performance of traditional and experimental fish passage structures, development of new technologies for assessment of fish behavior and passage, and behavior of upstream and downstream migrant diadromous fishes.


Current Projects 

  • Development of advanced telemetry systems for monitoring fish migration and movements

  • Effect of temperature, light, water velocity, turbulence, and air entrainment on behavior and passage of adult and juvenile diadromous fishes

  • Burst swimming performance of diadromous fishes in high velocity, turbulent flow

  • Riverine movements and passage of American eels

Courses Taught:

  • OEB 697A/WFCON 491 – Animal Migration and Movement
  • WFCON 697G – Ecology of Diadromous Fishes (team taught)


Selected Recent Publications

Haro, A., M. Odeh, J. Noreika, and T. Castro-Santos 1998. Effect of water acceleration on downstream migratory behavior and passage of Atlantic salmon smolts and juvenile American shad at surface bypasses. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 127: 118-127.

Haro, A., M. Odeh, T. Castro-Santos, and J. Noreika 1999. Effect of slope and headpond on passage of American shad and blueback herring through simple Denil and deepened Alaska steeppass fishways. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 19: 51-58.

Haro, A. 2003. Downstream migration of silver-phase anguillid eels. Pages 215-222 in: Aida, K., K. Tsukamoto, and K. Yamauchi, eds. Eel Biology. Springer, Tokyo.

Haro, A. T. Castro-Santos, K. Whalen, G. Wipplehauser and L. McLaughlin 2003. Simulated effects of hydroelectric project regulation on mortality of American eels. Pages 357- 365 in: D. Dixon, editor. Biology, Management, and Protection of Catadromous Eels. American Fisheries Society Symposium 33. Bethesda, Maryland.

Haro, A. , T. Castro-Santos, J. Noreika and M. Odeh In Press. Swimming performance of upstream migrant fishes in open channel flow: a new approach to predicting passage through velocity barriers. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 

Page updated: September 30, 2008