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Griffin, Curtice R.

Professor and Department Head

205 Holdsworth
Email: cgriffin

Primary interests

My teaching and research interests are in biodiversity conservation, wetland wildlife ecology and management, and integrated natural resources management issues. Although my research program addresses both applied and basic ecological questions, it focuses primarily on the conservation of biological diversity and providing a strong science base for management decisions. Thus, my overall research program is very applied and is largely driven by the resource conservation needs of local, state and federal agencies, NGOs, and international organizations. I also have a strong commitment to and involvement in development of local, state, national, and international policies relating to wetlands protection, endangered species management, and conservation of biological diversity.

Current Projects

Current Students

Allyn, Andrew (Ph.D.)- Distribution & abundance of the Kittlitz’s murrelet in Alaska

Amulike, Bridget (M.S.) – Assessing the factors causing the population declines of grey crowned cranes in Tanzania

Boundja, Patrick (Ph.D.) – Forest Elephants in Congo (w/Todd Fuller)

Buckout, Nathaniel (M.S.) – Factors affecting human-black bear interactions in the Great Smoky Mountains

Estes, Jason (Ph.D.) – Elephant ecology and conservation

Foley, Katherine (M.S.) – Restoration efforts of the CT River and Dragonflies

Jacque, Erin (M.S.) – Wetland Conservation

Loring, Pamela (Ph.D.) – Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation

Massey, Blake (Ph.D.) – Movement Models of Bald Eagles in Maine (w/Kevin McGarigal)


Recent Grants

2011-present – Co-PI, $7,500,000 – Northeast Climate Science Center.  U.S. Dept. of Interior.

2011-present – Co-PI, $3,200,000 – IGERT Offshore Wind Energy Engineering, Environmental Science, and Policy. National Science Foundation.

2010-2011 –  PI, $90,000 – Identifying Representative Species for the North Atlantic LCC Eco-Region: Prioritizing Species and Habitats for Biological Planning U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

2009-2011 –    Co-PI, $198,570 – Kittlitz’s murrelet habitat and prey in Prince William Sound. Northern Forum & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.


Recent Publications

Bellis, M.A., C.R. Griffin, P. Warren & S.D. Jackson. In press. Utilizing a Multi-Technique, Multi-Taxa Approach to Monitoring Wildlife Passageways in Southern Vermont. Oecologia Australis

Sitompul, A. F., C.R. Griffin & T.K. Fuller. 2013. Spatial and Temporal Habitat Use of an Asian Elephant in Sumatra. Animals  (in press)

Lamarre-DeJesus, A.S. & C.R. Griffin. 2013. Use of Habanero Pepper Powder to Reduce Depredation of Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nests. Chelonian Conservation & Biology (in press)

Sitompul, A. F., C.R. Griffin & T.K. Fuller. 2013. Sumatran elephant ranging behavior in a fragmented rainforest landscape. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation 5:66-72.

Allyn, A. J., A. McKnight, K. McGarigal, C. R.  Griffin, K. J. Kuletz, and D. B. Irons. 2012.  Relationships among Kittlitz’s murrelet habitat use, temperature-depth profiles, and landscape features in Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA. Marine Ecology Progress Series 466:233-247.

Sitompul, A.F., W. Wardana, C.R. Griffin, T.K. Fuller & Nazarudin. 2012. Use of Tame Elephants to Find, Immobilize, and Collar Wild Elephants in a Sumatran Rainforest. Gajah 37:11-15.

Chase, M.J. and C.R.Griffin. 2011. Elephants of southeast Angola in war and peace: their decline, re-colonization, and recent status. African Journal of Ecology 49:353-361.

Kikoti, A.P., C.R. Griffin and L. Pamphil. 2010. Elephant Use and Conflict Leads to Tanzania’s First Wildlife Conservation Corridor. Pachyderm 48:57-66.

Carpenter, L., J. Stone and C.R. Griffin. 2011. Accuracy of Aerial Photography for Locating Seasonal (Vernal) Pools in Massachusetts. Wetlands 31:573-581.

Cushman, S.A., M. Chase, and C. Griffin. 2010. Chapter 19 Mapping Landscape Resistance to Identify Corridors and Barriers for Elephant Movement in Southern Africa, pages 349-367 in S.A. Cushman and F. Huettmann (eds.), Spatial Complexity, Informatics, and Wildlife Conservation. Springer.

Massey, B.H., C.R. Griffin and K. McGarigal.  2009. Habitat use by foraging northern harriers on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Wilson J. Ornithol. 121:756-769.

Silver, M., and C. R. Griffin. 2009. Nesting Habitat Characteristics of Bank Swallows and Belted Kingfishers on the Connecticut River. Northeastern Naturalist 16:519-534.

Chase, M. J., and C. R. Griffin.  2009. Elephants caught in the middle: impacts of war, fences and people on elephant distribution and abundance in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia.  African Journal of Ecology 47:223-233.



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