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Fisette, Paul R.

fisette_new.jpgProfessor & Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Building and Construction Technology
122A Stockbridge Hall

Primary interests

Paul Fisette is Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. He is the past Department Head of Environmental Conservation and past Director of the Building & Construction Technology program. He is currently a Professor of Building & Construction Technology, and a Professor of Architecture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Professor Fisette’s research and professional focus involves the performance of building systems, energy efficient construction, sustainable building practices, and the performance of building materials. His primary interest is Green Building, which involves the sustainable integration of natural and built environments and has taught a variety of courses that focus on the performance of structures, materials and construction practices. He is expert in how moisture moves and influences buildings and occupancy. Professor Fisette has authored more than 200 published works regarding building science and construction technology. Previous to his current position, he owned and operated a general contracting business and was senior editor with Progressive Builder Magazine, covering technical information and innovations of interest to residential building firms. Professor Fisette was a member of the National Academies Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment (BICE) for six years, served on several National Academies expert panels, is contributing editor with The Journal of Light Construction, is a member of the National Institute of Building Science, and has served on a variety of editorial and professional advisory boards.

Current Projects

  • Performance and durability of building systems
  • Energy-efficient construction
  • Sustainable development and resource efficiency
  • Influence of moisture on building performance
  • Structural properties of building materials.

Selected Publications

Beauregard, S., Hoque, S., Fisette, P. and Weil, B. Is Boston Building Better? An Analysis of the LEED Certifiable Standard in the Boston Zoning Code. Journal of Green Building, Volume 9, Number 3, Summer 2014, 131-150.

National Research Council of The National Academies. February 2013. Energy-Efficiency Standards and Green Building Certification Systems Used by the Department of Defense for Military Construction and Major Renovations. National Academy Press.  Washington, D.C.  231pp. (co-authored with 6 panel members.)

Fisette, Paul. “Which Window is Better.”Journal of Light Construction, April, 2011.

Fisette, Paul. “Roof Venting in a Wet Climate.”  Journal of Light Construction, February, 2011.

Fisette, Paul. “Effectiveness of Thermal Curtains.”  Journal of Light Construction, December, 2010.

Fisette, Paul. “How Should I Finish an Existing Basement Wall?” Journal of Light Construction, June, 2010.

Reed, Tracie J., P. Clouston, S. Hoque, and P. Fisette. “Analysis of LEED and BREEAM Assessment Methods for Educational Institutions.” Journal of Green Building, Volume 5, Number 1,  Winter 2010.

Fisette, Paul. “Wrong-Side Housewrap.” Journal of Light Construction, March, 2010.

Fisette, Paul. “Retrofitting a Brick Wall With Insulation.” Journal of Light Construction, September, 2009.

Fisette, Paul “Details That Keep Walls Watertight.” National Association of Home Inspectors Forum, Summer, 2009.

Fisette, Paul. “Reroofing and Residing to Save Energy.” NAHI Journal, May/June 2008.

Fisette, Paul. “Finger-jointed Studs.” Journal of Light Construction, May 2008.

Fisette, Paul. “Connecting Gutter Downspouts to Footing Drains.” Journal of Light Construction, December 2007.

Fisette, Paul. “What’s the Best Way to Insulate a Basement Foundation?”, Journal of Light Construction, October 2007.

National Research Council. January, 2007. Green Schools: Attributes for Health and Learning. National Academy Press. Washington, D.C. 180pp. (co-authored with 12 other panel members).

Damery, David T., Peggi Clouston, and Paul Fisette. “Wood science education in a changing world: A case study of the UMASS-Amherst building materials & wood technology program, 1965-2005.” Forest Products Journal, May 2007.

Fisette, Paul. “Test Your Building-Code IQ.” Fine Homebuilding, February/March 2006.

National Research Council. January, 2006. Review and Assessment of the Health and Productivity Benefits of Green Schools. Interim report – National Academy Press. Washington, D.C. 80pp. (co-authored with 12 other panel members).

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