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Danylchuk, Andy J.

Associate Professor of Fish Conservation

Phone: 413-545-2940
Room 311 Holdsworth Hall
Email: danylchuk

Primary Interests

The overarching theme of Dr. Danylchuk’s research is to understand the factors that naturally influence the life history and ecology of fishes and other aquatic organisms, as well as how natural and anthropogenic disturbances can influence the dynamics of their populations.His work spans both marine and freshwater systems, and includes stress physiology, behavioral ecology, spatial ecology, predator-prey interactions, and adaptations in life history traits as a response to disturbance.Much of Dr. Danylchuk’s research focuses on evaluating the potential impacts of recreational angling on fish populations, and working with stakeholder groups to develop best practices for the recreational angling community.Some of this work involves the use of telemetry and associated emerging technologies to understand the ways fish function under ‘normal’ and disturbed conditions, and combines the results of these studies with laboratory and field manipulations to identity specific mechanistic causes of stress in fish. Dr. Danylchuk is also interested in sustainable aquaculture and the development of integrated food production models as a mechanism to reduce impacts on fish stocks and local, regional, and global ecosystems. He is also a strong proponent of experiential, hands-on opportunities that can enhance learning for students of all ages.

Current Research Areas

  • Spatial ecology, physiological stress response, and post-release behavior and survival of coastal fishes following recreational angling, including bonefish, great barracuda, striped bass, red drum, sea-run brook trout, and sharks
  • Impacts of climate change on fish and aquatic ecosystems, especially in conjunction with other stressors such as land use and recreational angling
  • Development of “best practices” for the conservation and management of recreational fisheries
  • Models for building-integrated aquaculture and alternative food production systems

Current Student Projects

Age and growth of bonefish in The Bahamas.Chris Haak, MS thesis (UMASS-WFCON)

Population dynamics of horseshoe crabs in Massachusetts. Sarah Martinez, MS thesis (UMASS-WFCON)

Thermal ecology, spatial distribution, and energetics of bonefish.Karen Murchie, PhD thesis (Carleton University, Canada)

Diversity and abundance of apex predators in the Northeast Exuma Sound, The Bahamas.Edd Brooks, PhD thesis (University of Plymouth, UK)

Physiological ecology and behavior of great barracuda.Amanda O’Toole, MS thesis (Carleton University, Canada)

Assessment of the red drum recreational fishery.Julie Groff, Division III (Hampshire College)

Courses Taught

W&F CONSV 260 Fish and Water Conservation
W&F CONSV 597I Aquatic Ecology
W&F CONSV 597x Current topics in Recreational Fisheries Science and Conservation

Selected Recent Publications

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Page updated: May 17, 2016