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Damery, David T.

Associate ProfessorDavid Damery

118 Holdsworth
Email: ddamery


Primary interests

I currently teach classes covering: Sustainability in the Built Environment, The Business of Building,  and our Senior Integrative Experience. I am also a member of the UMASS Architecture and Design faculty. I have research interests in the economics of sustainable construction technologies,  wildlife conservation economics, marketing and economics. My work experience includes: engineering, business consulting, management and sales and marketing of forest products and building materials.

Current Projects

  • Project-based business training through Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC)
  • Can building design and experiential learning be combined to synergistically enhance rural innovation and sustainability in African higher education?

Courses Taught

  • BCT 150 – The Built Environment
  • BCT 353 – Business of Building
  • BCT 494BI – Senior Integrative Experience

Selected Recent Publications

Markowski-Lindsay, M., P. Catanzaro, D. Damery, D. Kittredge, B. Butler, T. Stevens. Forest-based biomass supply in Massachusetts: How much is there and how much is available. “Journal of Environmental Management”, vol 106, 2012, Pages 1-7.

Markowski-Lindsay, Marla, T. Stevens, D.B.Kittredge, B.J.Butler, P. Catanzaro, and D. Damery. 2011. “Family forest owner preferences for biomass harvesting in Massachusetts” Forest Policy and Economics, 14 (2012), 127-135

Damery, David, J.C.Hayes, & J.L.Blanchard. 2010. “The Potential for Production of Ethanol from Woody Biomass by the Microbe Clostridium Phytofermentans” 2010. Wood Structure & Properties’10. Edited by J.Kudela & R. Lagana, Arbora Publishers, Zvolen, Slovakia pp. 21-25.

D’Amato, Anthony W., Paul F. Catanzaro, David T. Damery, David B. Kittredge, and Kristina A. Ferrare. 2010. “Are Family Forest Owners Facing a Future in Which Forest Management is Not Enough?” Journal of Forestry, Jan/Feb. 2010: 32-38

Damery, D., J. Webb, A. Danylchuk, S. Hoque. Natural systems in building integrated aquaculture design. “Design and Nature VI: Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering”, WIT Press, Southampton UK, 2012, Pages 87-94.


Updated: January 13, 2014