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Butler, Brett J.

Title: Adjunct Professor

201 Holdsworth Hall


Primary Interests

My current research focuses on survey methods for collecting information from private forestland owners, analyzing trends in private forest-land owners and the land that they own, and studying the factors that influence decisions made by private landowners. I am the director of the U.S. Forest Service’s National Woodland Owner Survey, co-director of the Family Forest Research Center, and involved in a number of related projects, such as the Sustaining Family Forests Initiative.

Current Projects

Recent Courses Taught

  •  Design, Implementation, and Analysis of  Surveys of People(ECO 697 SV)
  • Current Research in Natural Resources Conservation (ECO 691A – Departmental Seminar)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Bengston, D.N.; Asah, S.T.; Butler, B.J. 2011. The diverse values and motivations of family forest owners in the United States: An analysis of an open-ended question in the National Woodland Owner Survey. Small-scale Forestry. 10:339-355.
  • Butler, B.J. 2012. Forest ownership patterns. In: D. N. Laband, B. G. Lockaby and W. Zipperer, eds. Urban–rural interfaces: Linking people and nature. Madison, WI: American Society of Agronomy.
  • Butler, B.J.; Barnett, C.J.; Crocker, S.J.; and others. 2011. The forests of Southern New England, 2007: a report on the forest resources of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Resour. Bull. NRS-55. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. 48 p.
  • Butler, B.J.; Catanzaro, P.F.; Greene, J.L.; Hewes, J.H.; Kilgore, M.A.; Kittredge, D.B.; Ma, Z.; Tyrrell, M.L. 2012. Taxing family forest owners: effects of federal and state policies in the United States. Journal of Forestry. 110(7):371-380.
  • Butler, B.J.; Ma, Z. 2011. Family forest owner trends in the northern United States. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry. 28(1):13-18.
  • Butler, B.J.; Ma, Z.; Kittredge, D.B.; Catanzaro, P. 2010. Social versus biological availability of woody biomass in the northern United States. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry. 27(4):151-159.
  • Kaetzel, B.R.; Majumdar, I.; Teeter, L.D.; Butler, B.J. 2012. Regional Differences among Family Forest Landowners Using National Woodland Owner Survey Results. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry. 36(3).
  • Markowski-Lindsay, M.; Catanzaro, P.; Damery, D.; Kittredge, D.B.; Butler, B.J.; Stevens, T. 2012. Forest-based biomass supply in Massachusetts: How much is there and how much is available Journal of Environmental Management. 106:1-7.
  • Markowski-Lindsay, M.; Stevens, T.; Kittredge, D.B.; Butler, B.J.; Catanzaro, P. 2011. Barriers to Massachusetts forest landowner participation in carbon markets. Ecological Economics. 71:180-190.
  • Markowski-Lindsay, M.; Stevens, T.; Kittredge, D.B.; Butler, B.J.; Catanzaro, P.; Damery, D. 2012. Family forest owner preferences for biomass harvesting in Massachusetts. Forest Policy and Economics. 14:127-135.
  • Mondal, P.; Butler, B.J.; Kittredge, D.B.; Moser, W.K. 2013. How are America’s private forests changing? An integrated assessment of forest management, housing pressure, and urban development in alternate emissions scenarios Land Use Policy. 32:230-238.
  • Snyder, S.A.; Butler, B.J. 2012. A national assessment of public recreational access on family forest lands in the United States. Journal of Forestry. 110(6):318-327.
  • Song, N.; Aguilar, F.X.; Butler, B.J. 2012. Cost-share Program effects on Forest Management by Non-industrial Private Forest (NIPF) Landowners: Evidence from the U.S. Northern Region. Southern Forest Economics Workers Meeting. Charlotte, NC. March 20-21, 2012.
  • Van Fleet, T.E.; Kittredge, D.B.; Butler, B.J.; Catanzaro, P.F. 2012. Reimagining family forest conservation: estimating landowner awareness and their preparedness to act with the Conservation Awareness Index. Journal of Forestry. 110(4):207-215.
  • Van Fleet, T.E.; Kittredge, D.B.; Catanzaro, P.F.; Butler, B.J. Accepted. Landowner Focus Groups Reveal New Critical Insights into Peer Learning and Long-term Decision-making Processes. Journal of Extension.
  • Zhang, D.; Butler, B.J.; Nagubadi, R.V. 2012. Institutional timberland ownership in the U.S. South:  Magnitude, location, dynamics, and management. Journal of Forestry. 110(7):355-361.

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