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      (includes adjunct faculty whose offices are on campus or at Conte Lab)
Name SpecializationTel. & LocationE-Mail
Anne Averill
Entomology–insects/plants; pollination413-545-1054
301A Holdsworth
Paul K. Barten Forestry, hydrology, watershed management413-545-4853
219 Holdsworth
David V. BloniarzUrban forestry, landscape planning, urban design413-545-3755
129 Holdsworth
Bethany BradleyBiogeography and global change ecology413-545-1764
318 Holdsworth
Brett J. ButlerHuman dimension of forestry413-545-1387
303 Holdsworth
Paul CatanzaroOutreach to NIPF owners, Land Conservation, Estate Planning, Forest Management413-545-4839
329 Holdsworth
Peggi L. CloustonBio-based materials, wood mechanics and timber engineering413-545-1884
127 Holdsworth
David T. DameryBuilding materials and forest products marketing413-545-1770
118 Holdsworth
Andy J. DanylchukFish conservation, recreational fisheries, sustainable aquaculture413-545-2940
311 Holdsworth
Lab:112 Holdsworth
Stephen DeStefanoWildlife ecology, population dynamics, habitat relationships, and human-wildlife interactions413-545-4889
314 Holdsworth
Joseph Elkinton
Population ecology and biological control of invasive forest insects413-545-4816
310 Ag. Engineering
John T. FinnEcosystems modeling, geographic information systems413-545-1819 313A
Paul R. Fisette Sustainable building systems and energy efficient
Todd K. FullerMammal natural history, population ecology, international wildlife413-545-4723
128 Holdsworth
Curtice R. Griffin Wetland wildlife ecology and management, biodiversity conservation413-545-2640
205 Holdsworth
Alexander J. Haro Anadromous Fish Biology413-863-3806
Conte Anadromous Research Center
Richard W. Harper
Urban and Community Forestry320 Holdsworth
R. Bruce HoadleyWood identification and wood properties413-545-1834
109 Holdsworth
Simi HoqueEnvironmental systems and green building413-545-1866
120 Holdsworth
Scott D. JacksonWetlands, reptiles and amphibians, biodiversty413-545-4743
328 Holdsworth
Adrian Jordaan
Fish ecology, ecosystems, fisheries and management309
Brian C. P. KaneCommercial Arboriculture413-545-6637
126 Holdsworth
Matthew J. KeltySilviculture and forest ecology413-545-1799
214 Holdsworth
David King Forest wildlife management413-545-0357
201 Holdsworth
David B. Kittredge Jr.
Forest management, timber harvesting, outreach to natural resources professionals, decision making, social networks, private woodland owners, forest policy413-545-2943
327 Holdsworth
Joseph S. Larson Wetland wildlife ecology, wildlife policyBlaisdell
Ben H. LetcherPopulation Ecology413-863-3803
Conte Anadromous Research Center
Molly LutcavageResearch Professor & Director of Large Pelagics Research Center978-268-0269
Gloucester, MA
Ezra Markowitz
Stephen D. McCormickFish Ecology and aquaculture413-863-3804
Conte Anadromous Research Center
Kevin McGarigalLandscape ecology, ecosystem management, wildlife ecology413-577-0655 304
Anita MilmanEnvironmental governance, water policy, climate change adaptation413-545-3749
210 Holdsworth
Craig NicolsonSimulation and managing natural resources using computer models.413-545-3154
218 Holdsworth
Keith Nislow Fisheries Biologist413-545-0357
201 Holdsworth
William A. Patterson III Fire management, forest ecology,
Deborah PickingWetland ecology and soil science. Program Manager & Chief Undergraduate Advisor for Environmental Science Program413-545-5226
310 Holdsworth
Timothy O. RandhirWatershed management, water resources, hydrology, climate change, GIS and dynamic modeling, optimization, ecological economics and sustainability, resource policy413-545-3969
326 Holdsworth
Allison RoyFisheries biology, stream ecology, urban ecology317 Holdsworth
H. Dennis P. Ryan III Arboriculture, urban forestry413-545-6626
119 Holdsworth
Alexander C. SchreyerBuilding Materials, Wood Technology, Digital Design and IT413-545-1976
125 Holdsworth
Charles M. Schweik Information technology, geographic information systems, remote sensing, natural resources management and policy413-545-1824
324 Holdsworth
Paul R. SievertConservation Biology, Physiological Ecology, and Biostatistics413-545-4888
319 Holdsworth
Kristina StinsonPlant Ecology, Invasive Plants, Biological Responses to Global Change413-577-3304
217 Holdsworth Hall
Roy Van Driesche
Biological control of invasive species413-545-1061
320 Ag. Eng.
Paige Warren Urban-Suburban Wildlife Ecology413-545-0061
216 Holdsworth
207B Holdsworth
Benjamin WeilEnergy Efficient Building413-545-1820
115 Holdsworth
Andrew WhiteleyConservation Genetics413-577-0204
107 Holdsworth

Updated: April 15, 2014