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Vickery, Peter D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Primary interests

Dr. Vickery’s research interests include: study of habitat selection and breeding ecology of grassland birds, conservation planning on landscape and regional scales, and international conservation. He has a special interest in developing conservation strategies for species and ecosystems before they become endangered.

Current Projects

  • Habitat selection of the federally endangered Florida grasshopper sparrow
  • Regional grassland bird conservation strategies in New England
  • Reproductive biology of the Northern Blazing Star, a rare grassland forb

Selected Recent Publications

Vickery, P. D., M. L. Hunter, and S. M. Melvin. 1994. Effect of habitat area on the distribution of grassland birds in Maine. Conservation Biology. 8:1087-1097.

Vickery, P. D., M. L. Hunter, Jr., and J. V. Wells. 1992. Evidence of incidental nest predation and its effects on nests of threatened grassland birds. Oikos 63:281-288.

Vickery, P. D., M. L. Hunter, Jr., and J. V. Wells. 1992. Use of a new reproductive index to evaluate relationships between habitat quality and breeding success. Auk 109:697-705.

Vickery, P. D., P. W. Dunwiidie (editors). 1997. Grasslands of northeastern North America: Ecology Conservation of Native and Agricultural Landscapes. Massachusetts Audubon Society, Lincoln, MA.

Updated: March 20, 2008