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Rountree, Rodney A.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marine Ecology and Technology Applications, Inc.
Personal Web page:

Primary interests

My interests include a wide range of marine ecology topics includingidentification of essential fish habitat, mediation of behavior by environmental/habitat forces, predator-prey interactions, and fish sound production. In recent years I have become very active in the developing field of passive acoustic applications to fisheries and marine biology and am considered an international leader in this area. Technogenesis has become one of my most recent interests, specifically for passive acoustics technologies, but more broadly with other technologies related to fisheries and marine ecology.  Another core interest of mine involves public outreach to educate children and adults on marine ecology issues, and particularly on new technologies related to marine ecology (e.g., see my e-book on “Listening to Fishes”). For this reason I maintain an extensive web site of my activities at

Current Projects

  • Long-term temporal patterns in estuarine and coastal marine fish and invertebrate communities.
  • Development of acoustic technologies to study the soniferous behavior of aquatic, estuarine and marine fishes. Exploration of sound tracking
    techniques as a tool to census fish, identify essential fish habitats, and study reproduction and agonistic behaviors.
  • Underwater Soundscape of NY Harbor: Increasing Public Awareness of the Underwater Environment
  • The identification of Cod and Haddock Spawning Habitat in the Gulf of Maine using passive Acoustics.
  • Evaluation of listening technologies for deep-water fish.
  • Potential for the use of passive acoustic technologies in aquatic systems of North America – demonstration project in the major river systems of New

Selected Recent Publications

MacDonald, D., and R.A. Rountree. (Editors).  (2006).  Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Mount Hope Bay Ecosystem.  Northeast Naturalist 13(special issue 4).

MacDonald, D., and R.A. Rountree. 2006.  Conclusions to the special issue: Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the
Mount Hope Bay Ecosystem. Pp. 199-204 In: MacDonald, D., and R.A. Rountree (eds). Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Mount Hope Bay Ecosystem.  Northeast Naturalist 13(special issue 4).

Rountree, R.A., R.G. Gilmore, C.A. Goudey, A.D. Hawkins, J. Luczkovich, and D.A. Mann. 2006. Listening to Fish:  Applications of Passive Acoustics to Fisheries Science. Fisheries 31(9):433-446 [Feature article with full cover]

Rountree, R.A., and D. MacDonald. 2006.  Introduction to the special issue: Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Mount Hope Bay Ecosystem. Pp. 1-26 In: MacDonald, D., and R.A. Rountree (eds).Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Mount Hope Bay Ecosystem. Northeast Naturalist 13 (special issue 4).

Gröger, J. P., Winkler, H., Rountree, R. A. (2007). Population dynamics of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) and its linkage to fishery driven and climatic influences in a southern Baltic lagoon of the Darss-Zingst Bodden Chain. Journal of Fisheries Research, 84(2007):189–201.(doi:
10.1016/j.fishres. 2006.10.018).

Rountree, R.A., and K.W. Able. 2007. Spatial and temporal habitat use patterns for salt marsh nekton: implications for functions. Aquatic Ecology 41:25-45.

Fine, M.L., H.Lin, B.B. Nguyen, R.A. Rountree, T.M. Cameron and E. Parmentier. 2007. Functional morphology of the sonic apparatus in the fawn cusk-eel Lepophidium profundorum (Gill, 1863). J. Morphology 268:953-966.

Gröger, J.P., R.A. Rountree, and Hans-Joachim Ratz. 2007. A stock rebuilding algorithm featuring risk assessment and an optimization strategy of single or multispecies fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science 64(6):1105-1115; doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsm085

Gröger, J. P., R. A. Rountree, U. H. Thygesen, D. Jones, D. Martins, Q. Xu and B. Rothschild. 2007. Geolocation of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, movements in the Gulf of Maine using tidal information. Fisheries Oceanography, 16(4):317–335. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2419.2007.00433.x).

Rountree, R.A. 2007. Listening to Fish: New Discoveries in Science. E-bookf or kids grades 5-12 and adults. Describes the science of passive acoustics and include audio and video files of fish sounds and behavior. Free download at:

Stolkin, R., S. Radhakrishnan, A. Sutin, R. Rountree. 2007. Passive acoustic detection of modulated underwater sounds from biological and anthropogenic sources. IEEE MTS Oceans

Anderson, K.A., R.A. Rountree and F. Juanes. 2008.  Soniferous fishes in the Hudson River.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 137(2):616-626.

Barns, C., D.M. Bethea, R.D. Brodeur, J. Spitz, V. Ridoux, C. Pusineri, B.C. Chase, M.E. Hunsicker, F. Juanes, A. Kellermann, J. Lancaster, F. Menard, F.-X. Bard, P. Munk, J.K. Pinnegar, F.S. Scharf, R.A. Rountree, K.I. Stergiou, C. Sassa, A. Sabates, and S. Jennings. 2008.  Predator and prey body sizes in marine food webs.  Ecology 89:881 (Ecological Archives E089-051.)

Luczkovich, J.J., D.A. Mann and R.A. Rountree. 2008. Passive Acoustics as a Tool in Fisheries: An Introduction to the American Fisheries Society Symposium.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 137(2):533-541.

Luczkovich, J.J., D.A. Mann and R.A. Rountree. (eds). 2008. Passive Acoustics as a Tool in Fisheries. Special Section. Transaction of the American Fisheries Society 137(2).

Rountree, R.A., J.P. Gröger, and D. Martins. 2008. Large vertical movements by a goosefish, Lophius americanus, suggests the potential of data storage tags for behavioral studies of benthic fishes. Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 41(1):

Updated: April 15, 2008