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Gröger, Joachim

Adjunct Associate Professor

PD Dr. habil. Joachim Gröger
Institut für Seefischerei
Palmaille 9
22767 Hamburg
Telephone: (+49) 40 38905-266 0
Fax: (+49) 40 38905-263


Links: Curriculum Vitae

Primary interests


  • age reading calibration/correction
  • analysis of population structure and stock separation (including genetic data analysis)
  • identification of stock and recruitment relationships with repect to environmental factors
  • fleet structure analysis (identification of fleets and of catch and effort relationships)
  • econometric approaches in fisheries research
  • improvements/optimization in stock assessment and fishery management (incl. decision support system development)
  • analysis and maintenance of the International Herring Larval Survey (IHLS) in the North Sea (together with Kiel University)
  • optimization of survey and experimental design
  • analysis of interactions between biotic and abiotic factors/variables on ecosystem level


Updated: September 16, 2009