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Where are all the graduate students?


Office locations:

  • Holdsworth: students are scattered about in laboratories, some multi-student offices, and a few single rooms
  • Hatch Lab: 1st and 2nd floors
  • Ag Eng Annex A: this is a new and growing space for graduate student offices as of Fall 2008
  • Cold Storage: rooms 1 and 210. The area known as “cold storage” is located behind Chenoweth Lab. (this space is being phased out as of Fall 2008)
  • Conte Laboratory: Turners Falls, MA
  • Draper: Post-docs are located in room 323

There is no central location for student offices. To find where a student’s desk or office is it is best to contact them directly by email or their advisor. Linda Fortin also has a list of students and building maps if you run into trouble.


Page updated: September 10, 2008