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Student ID Card (UCard)

Student ID Card: You need this to do just about anything!

What is a UCard?

  • Official UMass student identification card

How do I obtain a UCard?

  • Go to the UCard office located in the Franklin Dining Commons, Room 104
  • There is no additional charge for your UCard (it is included in your student fees)
  • If you loose it you will have to pay a replacement fee

 What do I use the UCard for?

  • Library card for the 5-College Library System (library bar code is located on the front)
  • You can set up a debit UCard account that can be used to make purchases on campus (copy machines, food, etc.). Information on how to set up and manage your UCard account 
  • Serves as a PVTA bus pass schedule and routes
  • Used to access recreational facilities
  • Student discounts at many local businesses


Page updated: September 10, 2008