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People you need to know

If you need help with any of the items listed below, anyone in the ECO office will usually be able to assist you if the designated point person is not available.

Where: Main office
What: Linda is the person to contact if you need…

  • To have your name added to the ECO email list. Give Linda your name and UMass email address with the date of your request. The email list will tell you about department happenings and important administrative updates
  • A mail box in the Holdsworth mailroom
  • Keys to campus buildings e.g Holdsworth front door and computer room, Draper (or where ever your new office is located). All students should receive multiple keys: one key to Holdsworth; if your office is in another building besides Holdsworth (e.g. Draper), you will need a key to the exterior door and a third key to your office. Make sure that all 2-3 keys are ordered when you place your request. The main office may have spare copies of some keys on hand.
  • To hire an undergraduate assistant. This may be as a summer assistantship or for work-study. Linda will help you fill out forms to get you started. Your assistant’s hours can be submitted to Linda or Carolyn Safarik
  • Reserve one of the department conference/meeting rooms (Holdsworth 312A or 306). Forms are on the file cabinet next to the front desk.
  • Teaching Assistant related class materials such as large copy jobs (handouts, papers), course bluebooks, bubble sheets, etc.
  • Student forms
  • To report a maintenance problem. Linda will then contact the physical plant to have the problem fixed
  • A guest parking permit. Guest passes for visiting lecturers as part of a class or department meeting (e.g. committee meetings). Please give at least one day’s notice for a pass. Parking passes for all other guests may be requested but will cost $5 per day.
  • To reserve and sign out audio-visual equipment
  • Send out and receive packages (e.g. UPS)

Where: Main office (offices to the right)
What: Lori is the person to contact if you need…

  • To submit forms and receipts for travel reimbursement. Lori can also answer questions about what is covered, what the current mileage rate is, etc.
  • To submit a receipt for a (grant-related) purchase over $500
  • To process Teaching Assistant appointment paperwork

Where: Main office (offices to the right)
What: Roxann is the person to contact if you need…

  • Purchasing procedures for grant-related spending
  • To suggest (minor) web-page maintenance and updates.

Where: Main office, back office (to the right)
What: Carolyn is the person to contact if you need…

  • To process Research Assistant appointment paperwork. Carolyn will process your appointment or contracts forms after your advisor has done the initial filing and you will find paper work in your Holdsworth mailbox to sign and return (to Carolyn)
  • Help with Research grant accounting
  • Questions about Grant and contract procedures and calculations
  • Hiring non-student field technicians

Where: Main office (offices to the left)
What: Joanne is the person to contact if you need…

  • Extension-related purchasing
  • Extension-related Accounting and Bookkeeping

Where: Main office (offices to the left)
What: Jill is the person to contact if you need…

  • Coop-related purchasing
  • Coop-related Accounting and Bookkeeping

Where: 1st floor Holdsworth (room 103)
What: Dan is the person to contact if you need…

  • To fix minor repairs around Holdsworth
  • To make or build project related materials
  • Move your office or equipment in your laboratory. Dan has a variety of dollies and tools that may be borrowed at his discretion for use in the building

Page updated: July 27, 2010