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Animal care requirements


If you will be conducting research on vertebrate animals, you must be an approved Animal Use Protocol on file in the Animal Care Office on Campus (Research Administration Building; 5-0668;

  • Your major professor may already have prepared a protocol and had it approved, but you need to make sure you have a copy.
  • If one has not been prepared, you will need to collaborate with your major professor to prepare one and have it approved prior to any affiliated research.
  • The IACUC requires that all personnel listed in an animal use protocol that have contact with living vertebrate animals receive appropriate training for animal users, including graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Potential field technicians must go through the training as before starting work on a project.
  • The Compliance Coordinator conducts monthly one-hour classroom training sessions for new animal users that meets federal requirements. All animal users must take the animal users’ update training each year on or before the anniversary of their first training.
  • AllState or Federal permits must be approved and in hand prior to official IACUC approval

When should I pursue this?

The best time to submit your IACUC forms would be as soon as you have completed your research proposal. This is because the IACUC committee only meets so many times a semester, and if you miss a review date you will be delayed until the next period of review.

  • If your proposal gets rejected for some reason you may have to wait longer.

  • Forms are available on the web and are very specific. Any further questions should be brought to your advisor and the IACUC office.


Page updated: September 10, 2008