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The following are news items from programs in ECO or affiliated with ECO. All content links to the authors’ webpages.

UMass Main News Office

  • Subbaswamy, Kumble
    Issues facing higher education and public colleges and universities, International cooperation in higher education, Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and the globalization of education, optical phys …
  • Dube, Arindrajit
    Low-wage labor markets and the minimum wage, Fiscal policy and local multipliers, Health care reform and employer mandates, Political economy of conflict, Immigration and occupational change, Impact o …
  • Lundquist, Jennifer
    Social stratification, Race and ethnicity, Gender, Family, Health disparities, MilitaryLundquist has conducted extensive research on various aspects of relationships, marriage and divorce, including t …
  • Schaffner, Brian
    Massachusetts and national political races, Public opinion pollingSchaffner is director of the UMass Poll, which is committed to studying public opinion in Massachusetts and the United States to infor …
  • Feldman, Robert
    The psychology of lying, The factors that promote academic success in college studentsFeldman is one of America’s preeminent experts on lying, including self-presentation in adults and children, nonve …

College of Natural Sciences

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Updated: September 12, 2013