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The Department of Environmental Conservation's focus extends from the ecology and management of fish and wildlife populations, trees, forests, watersheds and landscapes to the physical, social, and policy aspects of conservation involving urban forests, human habitat, and sustainable building. The study of biology, sociology, policy, engineering, building science, and resource management encompasses rural, suburban, and urban environments. The unifying focus of all these activities is on the stewardship of healthy and sustainable ecosystems that provide important human and community benefits. ECO is one of 16 departments in the College of Natural Sciences.

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UMass Majors Fair @ Campus Center Auditorium
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I’m a forestry major and as the Tree Warden of Bernardston, MA, I have been working with a state service forester to create a forest management plan. This has involved working with abutting landowners, mapping the forest and its amenities, and marking timber. It has been a fun learning experience working outdoors to improve the woods.

-Brad Bordewieck, MCA
Bernardston Tree Warden
Transferred to Forestry after getting associates degree from Stockbridge.


Undergraduate Study Options in ECo:


Study Construction, Green Building, Materials, Business and Engineering
with a B.S. in Building and Construction Technology.
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Study the Environment
with a B.S. in Environmental Science .
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Study Environmental Conservation, Fisheries Ecology & Conservation, Forest Ecology & Conservation, Urban Forestry & Arboriculture, Water Resources, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
with a B.S. in Natural Resources Conservation.
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All of these programs also offer a Minor.


Study Urban Forestry & Arboriculture
with an A.S. in Arboriculture and Community Forest Management.
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You can find our Graduate Study Optionshere.

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